September 27, 2020

Firefox will disable all legacy add-ons from the cloud in October

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Firefox has already introduced an add-on system based on the new interface, but this will make many attachment components that use the old interface not working correctly.

At the time, the new interface was released, causing many developers and users to complain, but even then Firefox decided to continue to retired the old add-on.

The latest plan is that Firefox will disable all legacy add-ons through Cloud Policy since October, as these components have compatibility issues.

Firefox will disable all legacy add-ons

Cloud policy is disabling means that those add-ons that have been installed and enabled will be disabled as long as the user does not need to do anything on the network.


Cloud disabled and app store submission limits:

Since next month, the Firefox app store will no longer accept add-ons based on legacy interface development, i.e. developers can only submit new interface versions.

Users will not be able to find legacy add-ons in the app store until October, and all users will not be able to use them if they are not updated.

As a retention measure, if the developer replaces the old version with a new version and submits it to the app store, the Firefox browser client will automatically update to the latest version.

The long-term support version of Firefox will also stop supporting the old version:

The primary support for legacy add-ons is Firefox ESR 52 long-term support, which will even end the lifecycle on September 4.

Older add-ons are no longer supported in all supported Firefox browsers after the ESR 52 release, as older users are required to switch in advance.

The replacement of new and old add-ons since last year is still a constant storm, as many add-on developers no longer maintain those components.

In the past, as long as these add-ons were available, there is no need to update them, so many old accessory components have not been updated for many years but still many users.