John J. Giamatteo Takes the Reins as BlackBerry’s CEO, IoT and Cybersecurity Divisions Split

BlackBerry has announced the appointment of John J. Giamatteo as its new Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors, effective immediately. Richard (Dick) Lynch, who has served as the interim CEO since November 4, 2023, will continue to preside as the Chairman of the Board. Concurrently, BlackBerry declared its intention to segregate its Internet of Things (IoT) and cybersecurity businesses, operating them as wholly independent divisions and discontinuing the pursuit of an initial public offering (IPO) for its IoT subsidiary.

John J. Giamatteo has been serving as the President of BlackBerry’s cybersecurity division since October 2021, where he has orchestrated significant enhancements in product portfolio, go-to-market strategy, and organizational efficiency. He brings over three decades of global technology experience, having held the position of President and Chief Revenue Officer at McAfee before joining BlackBerry. Giamatteo also held significant roles as the Chief Operating Officer at internet and mobile security provider AVG Technologies and leadership positions at Solera, RealNetworks, and Nortel Networks.

Expressing both honor and excitement, John J. Giamatteo looks forward to steering BlackBerry into its next phase of growth as CEO. He highlights BlackBerry’s market-leading technology, exceptional team, and vast market opportunities in both IoT and cybersecurity, pledging to collaborate with the entire team to uphold the tradition of innovation and to continue delivering exemplary service to BlackBerry’s clients in the pursuit of the company’s objectives.

Following a strategic reassessment, BlackBerry’s Board of Directors has decided to separate its IoT and cybersecurity businesses, evolving them into independent entities. This move includes the discontinuation of an IPO for its IoT branch and the division and streamlining of BlackBerry’s centralized corporate functions into business unit-specific teams. Each department will operate autonomously, focusing on achieving profitability and positive cash flow.