Apple’s Foldable Bonanza: Samsung Revamps Panel Team for Millions in Orders

Previous reports suggest that Apple is planning to launch an array of innovative foldable devices, targeting foldable iPhones, MacBooks, and iPads. The company is reportedly in active discussions with suppliers to explore the feasibility of this new product line.

According to The Elec, Samsung is restructuring its entire panel development team to boost operational efficiency in preparation for Apple’s future foldable products, with expected shipments reaching millions. This represents a significant opportunity for Samsung to potentially secure a substantial volume of orders and increase revenue. Meanwhile, LG is also collaborating with Apple, although the specifics of their research and development progress remain unclear.

Apple is poised to delve into the foldable product market, with Samsung and LG as panel suppliers playing a pivotal role in helping Apple achieve its product objectives. Both Samsung and LG are rumored to be developing a 20.25-inch screen specifically for Apple’s foldable devices and are currently testing this panel on an unspecified device, which remains ambiguous whether it is an iPad or MacBook.

Surprisingly, there is no mention of a foldable iPhone, despite it being a potentially major revenue source for Apple. The market for foldable smartphones has been expanding, with an increase in models and sales. After years of development, the panel technology used has matured, theoretically aligning more closely with Apple’s standards. Although there have been past rumors about a foldable iPhone, there has been little new information in the last two years.

Industry insiders speculate that Apple’s first foldable product is more likely to be an iPad. Rumors indicate that Apple is accelerating this project, with a possible release as early as the end of 2024.