Samsung unveiled updates to its SmartThings IoT platform and its Knox security technology

At the 9th Annual Developers Conference in San Francisco, Samsung unveiled updates to its SmartThings IoT platform and its Knox security technology. The brand underscored that its annual product sales exceed 500 million units, and over 600 million people utilize Samsung service accounts. This has culminated in a vast and sprawling ecosystem. Hence, Samsung emphasized that sustainability and security will be pivotal in forthcoming updates, driving a more responsible innovation trajectory.

After previously announcing its affiliation with the Matter universal IoT connectivity protocol and extending its support to the SmartThings IoT platform, there are now more than 290 million compatible products. Furthermore, a broader range of services now integrates seamlessly with SmartThings.

The recently released SmartThings Home API empowers developers to effortlessly craft compatible SmartThings applications. Meanwhile, the SmartThings Context API integrates artificial intelligence perceptual capabilities, fostering an enhanced IoT interactive experience.

Samsung has integrated the SmartThings Hub functionality into its smart TVs and Sound Bar amplification systems. This facilitates users to conveniently employ such devices as central control hubs for their smart home network. Moreover, Samsung has announced a collaboration with Aqara, a smart home brand under Shenzhen Green Rice Joint Creation. This partnership promises further synchronization between Aqara and SmartThings devices, amplifying the integrated experience for smart home networking devices.

Additionally, Samsung has interlinked its digital assistant, Bixby, with SmartThings devices, allowing users to intuitively voice-command the SmartThings apparatus. This includes multitasking capabilities for managing multiple devices concurrently. Bixby is now more adept at understanding practical operational needs and offers a broader comprehension of user verbal commands, executing tasks with precision.

Regarding security, Samsung revealed at last year’s developer conference its capability to establish a secure connection environment through the Knox Matrix technology, safeguarding user privacy. This assures that different devices and services operate in harmony within a secure framework. The recent emphasis has been on strengthening connected credentials synchronization and trust chain applications. Furthermore, the Knox Vault technology, ensuring personal data protection, has been introduced to devices such as the Neo QLED 8K smart TV. It is also anticipated to feature in some Galaxy A series smartphones launching in 2024 with the new One UI 6 interface, assuring users that their personal information remains confidential while they enjoy seamless connection functionalities.