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Qualcomm Quintauris

RISC-V Revolution Ignited: Tech Giants Launch Quintauris

Recently, Qualcomm announced the establishment of Quintauris in collaboration with Bosch, Infineon, Nordic Semiconductor, and NXP Semiconductors, with its headquarters located in Munich, Germany. Having received all necessary regulatory approvals, the new company aims...

Sony Power IoT Noise

Sony’s Innovative Module: Electromagnetic Noise to Power IoT

Sony’s Semiconductor Solutions has unveiled a module designed to harvest electromagnetic noise energy, subsequently converting it into power suitable for energizing low-energy Internet of Things (IoT) devices or for recharging purposes. This innovative module...

IPStorm Botnet

Hacker uses brute force attacks to control 29 IoT botnets

Hacker Subby controls 29 IoT botnets using weak credentials or default credentials. Ankit Anubhav, a security researcher at NewSky Security, said the IoT botnets use extremely simple credentials. In an interview with Anybhav, Subby...