Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

US council of Riviera Beach finally decided to pay a $600,000 ransom to a ransomware gang

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The topic of ransomware seems to be not over in a short period of time. In these topics, we also recommend that victims not pay ransoms to ransomware. Because the payment of the ransom is not 100% to obtain the decryption key, if the decryption key is not obtained then the file cannot be decrypted and the ransom payment is also paid. Another situation is that the payment of ransom will obviously contribute to the arrogance of ransomware, which will also lead to more and more hackers involved in the ransomware industry.

PGA ransomware

A few days ago, the city of Florida, was attacked by ransomware. Due to the lack of necessary countermeasures and the habit of not backing up files, many municipal systems in the city have been paralyzed and unable to operate normally. At the same time, the city’s disabled e-mail system cannot run. After discussions with an external security consultant, the city decided to pay hackers up to $600,000 in ransom, but security advisers also said there was a risk in payment.

Via: cbsnews