Category: Malware

Microsoft Store counterfeit programs

Microsoft removed fake Google Photos apps from Microsoft Store

Recently, a fake Google Photos application on the Microsoft Store has been posted on significant technology websites. The app is referred to as “Google Photos”, and the publisher name is “Google LLC”. Although it’s signed from...

Fake Flash Updates

Cryptocurrency Miners trick the user through Fake Flash Updates

The cryptocurrency mining malicious program is disguised as an Adobe Flash Player installer to spread malicious mining programs. Although this routine is not seen for the first time, this malicious mining application installs mining applications...

Viro Botnet Ransomware

New Viro Botnet Ransomware is targeting Microsoft Outlook

According to the security report disclosed by Trend Lab, a new botnet ransomware Virobot is spreading through Microsoft Outlook. The report pointed out that the malware also features botnet and ransomware, and spreads on Microsoft Outlook...