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Z690 DARK KINGPIN motherboard

EVGA launches Z690 DARK KINGPIN motherboard: Priced at $829.99

EVGA announced the launch of the Z690 DARK KINGPIN motherboard. EVGA says this top-of-the-line motherboard can drive the most powerful Intel 12th-generation Core series processors, making it the best choice for today’s overclocking and...

EVGA Z690 CLASSIFIED motherboard

EVGA releases Z690 CLASSIFIED motherboard

EVGA has announced the launch of the Z690 CLASSIFIED motherboard which is the latest addition to its line of motherboards popular with enthusiasts. This motherboard supports EVGA ELITE X1, which is very easy to...

X570 FTW WiFi motherboard

EVGA releases X570 FTW WiFi motherboard

Earlier, EVGA released the X570S DARK motherboard, which is EVGA’s first true AMD motherboard, using the latest 570S chipset. It should be known that apart from the introduction of motherboards based on the Nvidia...