Adobe Flash Player

GitHub developers call Adobe to open source for Flash

After Adobe announced that it had brought the Flash player to the end of the year, Juha Linstedt, a web developer, launched a petition campaign that was seeking Adobe’s open source for use as part of Internet history. They say that Flash is an important piece of history on the Internet, killing Flash means that future generations can […]

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The developer initiates a petition request for Adobe open source Flash to Preserve the Internet history

Adobe decided to kill Flash in 2020, Finnish developer Juha Lindstedt launched a petition on GitHub after Adobe announced the news, requesting Adobe open source Flash to save the Internet history. He pointed out that Flash is an important part of Internet history, killing Flash means that the next few generations will not be able to access the past, with Flash development […]

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Microsoft launched four-step strategy: ending Flash support at the end of 2020

In the face of frequent vulnerabilities and poor performance, mainstream Web sites, users, web applications have long been away from the Flash Player; and as a vendor, Adobe in the maintenance of the riddled Flash Player also feel physically and mentally exhausted, the vulnerability is even higher than the patch repair. Under the double pressure, Adobe […]

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