Apple Safari removed support for Adobe Flash

Ten years ago, an article by Jobs on “Thoughts on Flash” seems to have doomed Flash’s fate. Since then, Apple has gradually implemented “removing” Adobe Flash in its own products, such as no longer pre-installing Flash in Mac products, no support for Flash in iOS, and disabling Flash by default in Safari.

As Adobe has previously announced that it will stop developing Flash and its technical support in 2020, Apple has also responded to the recent Safari update. The latest beta version of Safari Technology Preview 99 has explicitly stated that Apple Safari removed support for Adobe Flash.

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This means that starting with this version, users can no longer manually download and activate Flash in Safari, say goodbye to Flash completely.

In fact, mainstream browsers have long disabled Flash by default, and most users don’t even notice when Flash is completely gone. Since Adobe announced that Flash is about to be phased out, web developers have largely replaced it with technologies such as HTML5 and WebGL.