Canonical guides Windows 7 users to migrate to Ubuntu

Windows 7 was officially retired a while ago. In the process, many Linux distribution communities took the opportunity to attract “abandoned” Windows 7 users to use Linux distros such as Zorin OS 15 Lite, the KDE community, and Linux Lite.

Canonical has released a series of tutorials designed to help Windows 7 users migrate to Ubuntu. Canonical developer Igor Ljubuncic introduces: ” We will provide a series of detailed, step-by-step tutorials that should help less tech-savvy Windows 7 users migrate from their old operating system to Ubuntu. We will start with considerations for the move, with emphasis on applications and data backup. Then, we will follow up with the installation of the new operating system, and finally cover the Ubuntu desktop tour, post-install configuration and setup.”

Ubuntu official also commented on Twitter:

The tutorial is very concise, and the specifics of the installation process are explained very clearly. I believe that novices who do not know Linux can get started in an easy way to complete the Ubuntu installation.