Fri. May 29th, 2020

Mozilla announced the complete ban of Flash plugins in Firefox 84

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Adobe has been saying that it will give up Flash for many years, and many browser developers are also actively following Adobe’s call to disable the Flash plug-in in their browsers. Among them, the Google Chrome browser and Apple Safari browser can be regarded as the vanguard. Of course, so is the Mozilla Firefox browser.

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But after all, not all websites have migrated all the content on the website to HTML5, especially many websites do not have the ability to migrate the content on their websites to HTML5 technology, such as small game websites. Therefore, browsers other than the Apple Safari Preview browser still have a path that allows users to open the Flash plug-in by themselves, but after opening it is only valid for this use, and it must be reopened next time.

With the drop supporting of Flash, browser developers have finally begun to completely disable Flash plug-ins in browsers. Mozilla recently revealed that it plans to completely disable Flash in version 84 of the Firefox browser released in December this year, which means that users can no longer open Flash manually and run Flash. Mozilla’s current plan is to completely disable Flash in Firefox Nightly Build in October.