Fri. May 29th, 2020

Windows 10 KB4556799 has file loss & audio issues

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Since the release of Windows 10 Version 1903, there have been frequent problems with personal files being lost due to user upgrades or cumulative updates.

Since the cumulative update released by Microsoft from this year, almost all of them have such problems, which makes many users worry.

Microsoft has never admitted that installing the cumulative update will lose the user’s personal files, but only a long time ago Microsoft mentioned the temporary configuration file adjustment during the update process.

This problem was reproduced again in the May 2020 cumulative update released by Microsoft. The latest cumulative update KB4556799 will still cause the user’s files to be lost. At present, this problem mainly affects Windows 10 Version 1903 – 1909.KB4532441

The so-called personal file loss mainly refers to the automatic disappearance of files in the C:\USER\user_name\ directory. This problem is caused by Microsoft adjusting the temporary configuration file.

According to Microsoft’s previous statement, when the system is upgraded or the cumulative update is installed, the user’s personal files will be automatically moved to a location or a backup will be generated, and will be restored again after the update is completed.

Users cannot find their own files after upgrading or installing cumulative updates, not because the files are deleted, but because the system fails to restore the backup files.

This problem has been going on for half a year, but Microsoft has never officially confirmed and of course, it has not been fixed, and the Windows 10 users rely on themselves to explore solutions.

That is, you only need to restart the system 6 to 8 times after the personal file is lost. Continuous operation restart will allow the system to automatically restore the user’s personal files from the backup.

Fortunately, this problem does not really delete the user’s personal files, but if you use Windows 10, it is best to back up your important files regularly.

In addition to the user’s personal file loss problem, this update also caused the audio failure. This problem is also an old problem because it has appeared before.

Due to the user has a compatibility issue with the sound card driver after installing the latest cumulative update, the system automatically disables the sound card driver and causes audio failure.

The solution to this problem is to disable enhancements in the audio settings and then reinstall the sound card driver. This problem currently seems to only affect Realtek sound cards.

Of course, not all users will encounter these problems, but if you encounter them, don’t worry.

Via: windowslatest