Google Chrome Canary brings Tab Groups feature to users

The Tab Groups function is a new feature that Google started developing a long time ago, and aims to add specific tab pages to the same Tab Groups for easier management. If the user opens a lot of tabs each time, this may be a useful function, with the help of Tab Groups to mark and group different web content. You can even sort the tabs and drag and drop in batches. After a long time of testing, the tab group function will finally arrive in the stable version of Google Chrome.

The label group should be regarded as a function of enhancing productivity because Google adds many options related to the to-do for the label group.

For example, users can set different labels and colors for the label group, sort the to-do items with different urgency levels, and then process them according to the urgency level.

Previously, Google has released a demo video of a new version of the tab group, but in the latest version of the Google Canary version, users can also set up custom tabs groups.

The specific operation, right-click on any tab page, and choose to “add tab to new group” or create a “new tag group”, then click the black dot to rename and set a custom color scheme.

At present, this function only supports the Google Canary version. If you have used the Canary version but the above function does not appear, please check to upgrade to the latest version.

Via: techdows