September 21, 2020

Sony PS5 has reduced production by 4 million units due to chip problems

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According to Sony’s plan, the company will produce 15 million PlayStation 5 by March 2021. In fact, Sony is still working hard to increase production capacity to meet the expected strong demand. Sony has already planned to double its production capacity in July.

However, Bloomberg recently reported that there was an unexpected problem with the console chip of the PS5. The so-called unexpected problem refers to the console chip’s yield rate of only 50%. This level of yield rate is completely insufficient to meet the planned production capacity of Sony, so Sony has reduced its production capacity from 15 million devices to 11 million devices. Bloomberg said that although Sony is working to increase production, it still has not reached a stable level.

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After the news was released, Sony’s share price fell slightly, and then Sony officially issued a response saying that the content reported by Bloomberg was completely inaccurate. Sony has not changed any capacity plans and production targets since the beginning of mass production.

However, Sony did not elaborate on the console chip yield and chip production capacity. Sony said in an official response that Sony has not released any detailed information related to manufacturing. Therefore, Sony has not explained whether there is a problem with the specific console chip yield and whether the chip production capacity is sufficient. However, according to Sony, the overall production plan of 15 million PS5 units has not changed.