Samsung is developing a screen recording tool for Windows 10

Samsung is developing a screen recording tool for Windows 10

At present, mainstream mobile devices already support screen recording, but Windows 10 does not support screen recording so far, so it is a pity. Fortunately, Microsoft is also working.

The Microsoft PowerToys team is developing a tool called Video GIF Capture, which is said to support screen recording and can be converted to dynamic images.

What’s interesting is that the Samsung team is also developing a screen recording tool for Windows 10 laptops, but the tool only supports Samsung branded devices.

In terms of functions, this screen recording tool developed by Samsung is still very rich. Although it cannot be compared with professional tools, it can basically meet user needs.

After starting the screen recorder tool, there is a toolbar at the top and includes the following operations: start screen recording, start the screenshot, start webcam window, start application settings.

For dual monitors, you need to manually select the screen to be recorded, support the selection of the web camera as the input source, and support the adjustment of the following screen recording parameters after selection.

The screen recording resolution supports up to 720*480, the audio switch is to choose whether to record sound, and whether to display mouse clicks and cursor effects during recording.

Select the folder to save the recording, select the output format of the screenshot, including PNG, JPEG, BMP, and TIFF, support keyboard shortcut customization, and so on.

After finishing all the settings, the screen will start recording after three seconds countdown, and it will be automatically saved in the video folder set by the user after the recording is completed.

At present, the application is still in testing and has not been officially launched. After the official launch, Samsung laptop users can download this software in the Windows 10 Store.

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