October 25, 2020

Windows 10 tool can be recorded as a video and dumped as a GIF animation

2 min read

Microsoft has developed a screenshot tool for Windows 10, namely screenshots and sketches. The application is pre-installed in the system and has rich functions that can basically satisfy users.

But users may have to rely on other software if they want to record videos because Microsoft has not yet developed a screen recording tool for Windows 10.

But this situation will soon change, now the PowerToys team is developing a screen recording tool and will provide it to developers in open source form.

PowerToys is a feature-rich toolset that can run multiple functions. The screen recording tool developed by the team is also based on this software and is provided for free.

The screen recording function is a very useful function. Although most users may only use it occasionally, it would be inconvenient for users without this tool.

After Microsoft develops a screen recording tool, it is definitely more convenient for users to use. Of course, the function may not be as good as some professional recording tools, but it can be basically used.

In addition, considering that dynamic pictures are now more popular on social networking sites, the development team also provides a direct recording of the screen and converts them into dynamic pictures for users to share.

Of course, users can also choose to record as a video and upload it to social networking sites or other sites for netizens to watch. Microsoft also provides a choice of recorded video resolution.

At present, the tool is still in the early development stage, so it is relatively crude. Interested netizens can click here to view the tool on GitHub or submit feature feedback.

Via: windowslatest