Interpol arrests 3 business email scammers in Nigeria

Interpol arrests 3 business email scammers in Nigeria

Commercial email fraud is a very common type of scam or network attack. Scammers usually pretend to be emailed to induce victims to transfer money.

The most well-known case in this field is the Lithuanian man who scammed Facebook and Google out of more than $120 million, was sentenced to 5 years in prison

In Africa, some people participated in a large-scale commercial email scam group. This scam group has infected more than 50,000 organizations around the world with malware.

With the help of the Nigerian police, Interpol arrested three people in the country. The police confirmed the identity of these scammers by checking the equipment used by the three.

The three scammers participated in a large-scale scam group called TMT, which defrauded companies through commercial emails, phishing websites, and malware.

It is somewhat different from traditional hacking. These scam groups usually have no knowledge of hackers, but they use ready-made malware to participate in fraudulent activities.

For example, a so-called inquiry sheet is sent to a large number of companies via e-mail. The inquiry sheet looks like a PDF document but is actually opened by malicious software and will be infected.

When the malware is successfully infected, scammers will continue to collect internal company information, especially sales and financial information, and use this information to fabricate accurate emails.

The team used more than 26 types of malicious software, built a huge number of phishing websites, and sent countless fraudulent emails, so the victims were huge.