Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Russian telecommunications company Beeline exposes data breaches

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Recently, Russian media revealed that hackers have stolen 8.7 million customer data from Russian telecommunications provider Beeline and sold and shared it online. According to the report, Beeline provides telecommunications services in Russia, Asia, and Australia, with 50 million users in Russia alone.

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It is reported that the leak occurred in 2017, but the company has not released it to the public. The company said the incident would affect Russian customers who registered their home broadband connections by November 2016. The leaked information includes the user’s full name, address, mobile and landline numbers, and other users’ personal information.

This is the second time Russia has exposed a similar incident this month: There have been reports that hackers tried to sell sensitive information from 60 million customers of the Russian Federal Savings Bank.

Via: ZDNet