Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

Microsoft will provide security updates for Office 365 ProPlus for Windows 7 until January 2023

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Microsoft will end its extended security support for the Windows 7 operating system early next year. Although Microsoft encourages users to upgrade to a supported version, there are still many users who continue to use Windows 7 for better compatibility and stability. However, this version is no longer secure after the end of its lifecycle because there are no security updates, and Microsoft will not fix it even if there are serious security holes. Microsoft’s other commercial software also looks ready to provide additional support, such as Office 365 ProPlus for Windows 7 with additional security updates.

Office 365 Home Subscription Edition

According to Microsoft product announcements, Office 365 ProPlus for Windows 7 will receive additional expansion support after the beginning of next year until January 2023. It’s important to note that Office 365 ProPlus Professional Plus is an enterprise version, unlike Office 365 Personal and Home Edition for home users. The home-oriented Personal and Home editions will also stop with the end of Windows 7 support unless the user upgrades to a supported version such as Windows 10.

Of course, Microsoft has only security updates and will stop function updates for Office 365 ProPlus for Windows 7.