Sun. Jan 19th, 2020

Microsoft will release the Windows 10 19H2 at the end of this month

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Microsoft was expected to announce the Windows 10 19H2 version 1909 feature update at the hardware product launch conference earlier this month. However, this time Microsoft did not release a new version at the beginning of the month. The latest news is that if there is no accident, this version will be officially released before the end of this month.

According to Microsoft’s previous news, this version will be pushed to the users who are on the preview channel. After the test is no problem, it will be pushed to the official channel. Relatively speaking, Microsoft is still very cautious about this small update. So the Windows 10 Version 1909 RTM is expected to be produced in the next few days or next week.

Of course, here, we remind everyone that although this version is a small update, according to Microsoft’s recent situation, as long as it is updated, it will bring new problems. Therefore, users who use the official version should try not to participate in the release preview. It is the most sensible choice to consider upgrading this small function at the beginning of next year.

This version is an improved version based on Windows 10 Version 1903. The most noteworthy thing is to optimize the Intel processor core load. Microsoft has previously stated that by optimizing the core load and priority policies of Intel processors, it is possible to maximize the processing power of tasks by using processor resources. This new version, optimized for Intel driver optimization, also optimizes battery performance, extends laptop battery life and improves battery life. In the user experience, the new version can directly create a new schedule in the taskbar time, and the system’s various notification options have some minor improvements.

Via: mspoweruser