Sun. Jul 12th, 2020

Google requires all manufacturers to pre-install Android 10 since the beginning of next year

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Google has never had a strong means to solve the fragmentation of the Android ecosystem. Today, there are still a lot of Android systems that are very old in the world. In the latest license file that Google provides to manufacturers, Google has delineated the pre-installation time for each version. According to Google’s statement in the license file, all new devices pre-installed with Android after January 23, 2020, must be powered by Android 10. If the manufacturer still does not pre-install the latest version, it will not be certified by Google. Failure to pass the certification means that it cannot pre-install a series of services such as Google Store.

Android 10

As mentioned earlier, the time left for manufacturers is already very short. If the manufacturer submits new equipment certification at this time, it can still continue to carry the old version. However, if the manufacturer submits the certification later, you must carry the latest version or you will not be able to pass the certification. It is a good idea for Google to improve the coverage of Android10 through this method.

Via: xda-developers