RocksDB 5.13.4 release, persistent key-value storage system


RocksDB is a C++ library providing an embedded key-value store, where keys and values are arbitrary byte streams. It was developed at Facebook based on LevelDB and provides backwards-compatible support for LevelDB APIs.

It is optimized for Flash with extremely low latencies. RocksDB uses a Log Structured Database Engine for storage, written entirely in C++. A Java version called RocksJava is currently in development. See RocksJava Basics.

RocksDB features highly flexible configuration settings that may be tuned to run on a variety of production environments, including pure memory, Flash, hard disks or HDFS. It supports various compression algorithms and good tools for production support and debugging.


  • Designed for application servers wanting to store up to a few terabytes of data on locally attached Flash drives or in RAM
  • Optimized for storing small to medium size key-values on fast storage — flash devices or in-memory
  • Scales linearly with the number of CPUs so that it works well on processors with many cores

Changelog 5.13.4

Bug Fixes

  • Fix regression bug of Prev() with ReadOptions.iterate_upper_bound.


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