Infinispan 9.1.1.Final release, distributed cluster cache system


Infinispan 9.1.1.Final has been released, Infinispan is an open source data grid platform. It exposes a simple data structure (a cache) to store the object. Although it is possible to run Infinspan in native mode, it’s true value lies in the distributed, in which Infinispan can cache the cluster and expose large-capacity heap memory.

Infinispan 9.1.1.Final contains some component updates, feature improvements, feature regression, bug fixes, etc., as follows:

  • ISPN-8262 ] – Upgrade to Karaf 4.1.2 everywhere
  • ISPN-8295 ] – JGroups 4.0.6
  • ISPN-8296 ] – Log4J 2.8.2
  • ISPN-8302 ] – Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.8.0.Final
  • ISPN-7680 ] – [OSGi] Enable karaf-maven-plugin
  • ISPN-7990 ] – provided a way to remove an entry from all indexes
  • ISPN-8082 ] – Remove setSync from RocksDB WriteOptions
  • ISPN-8206 ] – Update smoke test suite
  • ISPN-8222 ] – Jenkins should archive all logs
  • ISPN-8259 ] – Test field @Analyzer for Protobuf

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