Ionic 5.0 beta released, open-source mobile app development framework

open-source mobile app development framework

Ionic is the open-source mobile app development framework that makes it easy to build top quality native and progressive web apps with web technologies.

open-source mobile app development framework

Ionic is based on Web Components and comes with much significant performances, usability, and feature improvements over the past versions.

Changelog v5.0 beta

Bug Fixes

  • animations: ensure all elements are cleaned up when calling .destroy() (#19654) (2f88237)
  • css: update responsive display media queries (#18601) (5d6e077), closes #18600
  • grid: remove padding on children columns when grid has ion-no-padding (#19592) (17119f5), closes #17459
  • toast: inherit height in container to center align content (#19409) (250718a)


Performance Improvements

Breaking Changes

We recommend updating to the latest version of 4.x before trying out version 5 in order to see deprecation warnings related to your app in the console.

  • all: mode is now cascaded from parent to child component. If this is not desired set a different mode on the child component. (#19369) (55462d7)
  • anchor: remove ion-anchor, use ion-router-link instead. (#18935) (e7cd197)
  • card: convert card to shadow. (#19395) (08bb60d)
  • css: responsive display media queries in the display CSS file have been updated. Instead of using the maximum value of that breakpoint (for .ion-hide-{breakpoint}-down classes) the maximum of the media query will be the minimum of that breakpoint. (#18601) (40a8bff)
  • css: remove all CSS utility attributes. Use CSS classes instead. See the documentation for the correct class names: (#18956) (04862df)
  • events: remove the Events service. (#19600) (8d4a721)
  • header/footer: remove no-border attribute from header/footer, use ion-no-border class instead. (#18954) (d9f6119)
  • menu: iOS menu now defaults to overlay, set type to "reveal" to get the old behavior. (#19063) (ccb54a1)
  • menu-controller: remove swipeEnable(), use swipeGesture() instead. (#19526) (30bd8fd)
  • nav: remove ion-nav-popion-nav-push and ion-nav-set-root. Use ion-nav-link with routerDirection instead. (#19240) (e334d73)
  • searchbar: remove boolean values from showCancelButton, use string values: "always""focus""never". (#18953) (508e186)
  • theming: ionic default colors have been updated. (#19279) (7f4cf08)
  • toast: remove showCloseButton and closeButtonText, add a button using the buttons property with role: 'cancel' instead. (#18957) (ad7f112)