Ionic 4.5 released, open-source mobile app development framework

open-source mobile app development framework

Ionic is the open-source mobile app development framework that makes it easy to build top quality native and progressive web apps with web technologies.

open-source mobile app development framework

Ionic is based on Web Components and comes with many significant performance, usability, and feature improvements over the past versions.

Changelog v4.5

Bug Fixes

  • angular: ensure all NavigationExtras values are preserved when navigating (#18468) (7610787), closes #18469
  • button: set opacity on the host element for disabled button (#18509) (320719b), closes #16965
  • button: use correct border-radius on menu and back button (#18501) (055e125), closes #17624
  • button: use correct size on a dynamic button in an item (#18395) (a3e23fc), closes #18085
  • card: remove white space from bottom of card (#18328) (d53e7aa)
  • content: prevent ion-searchbar from receiving padding adjustment when keyboard is open (#18008) (b2290a6), closes #18007
  • datetime: recalculate time columns on change (#18380) (292b24a)
  • item: start align the content under stacked and floating labels (#18379) (f0af707), closes #16375
  • item: inherit overflow to allow better customization (#18502) (8d2a47e), closes #17670
  • item: use a step color if the activated background is not set (#18450) (1899c13), closes #18449
  • item-sliding: use the correct gesture direction and side for rtl (#18366) (4545100), closes #17012
  • label: include the ion-text-wrap class styles for larger font (#18374) (4bba540)
  • platform: prevent error with on Android 4.4 (#18387) (54bdb36)
  • react: ensure element exists in controller before dismissing it (0fd3e5d)
  • slides: resolve issue where double tap to zoom was enabled by default (10de1da), closes #18035
  • tabs: allow selection on enter and spacebar press (#18381) (11cde99), closes #18363
  • textarea: inherit white-space for better customization (#18508) (a583902), closes #18495
  • virtual-scroll: do not crash with an empty cell list (#17799) (20c146e)