Tue. Jul 14th, 2020

riot v4.13.3 releases: Simple and elegant component-based UI library

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Riot brings custom components to all modern browsers. It is designed to offer you everything you wished native the web components API looked like.

Performant and predictable

  • Absolutely the smallest possible amount of DOM updates and reflows.
  • Fast expressions bindings instead of virtual DOM memory performance issues and drawbacks.
  • One way data flow: updates and unmounts are propagated downwards from parent to children.
  • No “magic” or “smart” reactive properties or hooks
  • Expressions are pre-compiled and cached for high performance.
  • Lifecycle methods for more control.

Close to standards

  • No proprietary event system.
  • Future proof thanks to the javascript module syntax.
  • The rendered DOM can be freely manipulated with other tools.
  • No extra HTML root elements, data- attributes or fancy custom attributes.
  • No new syntax to learn.
  • Plays well with any frontend framework.

Use your dearest language and tools

Powerful and modular ecosystem

The Riot.js ecosystem is completely modular, it’s designed to let you pick only the stuff you really need:

Riot 4.13.3 released.


  • Fix #2874
  • Update improve typescript definitions