redisson 3.6.5 & 2.11.5 release: Rich Redis client

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Redisson – distributed Java objects and services (Set, Multimap, SortedSet, Map, List, Queue, BlockingQueue, Deque, BlockingDeque, Semaphore, Lock, AtomicLong, Map Reduce, Publish / Subscribe, Bloom filter, Spring Cache, Executor service, Tomcat Session Manager, Scheduler service, JCache API) on top of Redis server. Rich Redis client.


Redisson 3.6.5 & 2.11.5 update:
  • Feature – RKeys.copy method added
  • Feature – RObject.copy method added
  • Feature – RSetCache.getLock method added
  • Fixed – ClusterConnectionManager throws IllegalArgumentException
  • Fixed – CommandDecoder doesn’t remove command from commands queue when response was decoded with error
  • Fixed – RSetMultimap.get() doesn’t create multimap entry in case of absence
  • Fixed – an error shouldn’t appear if Redisson successfully got the information at least from one sentinel/cluster Redis node
  • Fixed – RObject.migrate method
  • Fixed – hdel comand wasn’t used during remote service task removal

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