CMake 3.21.4 releases: managing the build process of software

CMake is an extensible, open-source system that manages the build process in an operating system and in a compiler-independent manner. Unlike many cross-platform systems, CMake is designed to be used in conjunction with the native build environment. Simple configuration files placed in each source directory (called CMakeLists.txt files) are used to generate standard build files (e.g., makefiles on Unix and projects/workspaces in Windows MSVC) which are used in the usual way. CMake can generate a native build environment that will compile source code, create libraries, generate wrappers and build executables in arbitrary combinations. CMake supports in-place and out-of-place builds, and can therefore support multiple builds from a single source tree. CMake also supports static and dynamic library builds. Another nice feature of CMake is that it generates a cache file that is designed to be used with a graphical editor. For example, when CMake runs, it locates files, libraries, and executables, and may encounter optional build directives. This information is gathered into the cache, which may be changed by the user prior to the generation of the native build files.



Changes in 3.21.4 since 3.21.3:

Ben Boeckel (2):
Tests/RunCMake/Autogen: test CMP0111 behavior
cmQtAutoGenInitializer: support IMPLIB-only imported targets

Brad King (11):
Tests: Fix RunCMake.XcodeProject XcodeIOSInstallCombined cases for Xcode 13.0
gitlab-ci: update macOS jobs to use Xcode 13.0
bootstrap: Enable cmake_language command to support cmake-gui with Qt 6.2
ci: Enable CTest.Update{CVS,SVN,HG} tests
MSVC: Tolerate cxx_std_23 feature on older compiler versions
zstd: Backport fix for SIGBUS on armv6 from zstd 1.5.0
IRSL: Fix discovery of VS 2022 v143 toolset redistributables for preview 5
Source: Fix typo in _WIN32 preprocessor checks
BinUtils: Avoid llvm-strip versions older than Clang 11
VS: Update Visual Studio 17 2022 generator for the Release Candidates
CMake 3.21.4

Erlend E. Aasland (1):
CPack/IFW: Add support for QtIFW 4.1

Gregor Jasny (1):
Tests: Specify destination for Xcode scheme

Michael Hirsch (1):
FindMatlab: Add R2021b => 9.11 version

Robert Maynard (1):
NVHPC: only use ‘-MD’ for the C and CXX languages

Seth R Johnson (1):
FortranCInterface: Fix regression in timestamp check

Sylvain Joubert (1):
TestDriver: Fix old-style-cast warning in C++ mode

Timo Röhling (1):
GNUInstallDirs: Fix misinterpretation of Debian Policy on LIBEXECDIR