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Spring framework 5.0.5 released


Spring Framework 5.0.5 version has been officially released.

After more than a year of milestone and RC version, and nearly two years of development, Spring Framework 5.0.5 stable version is now officially released. Available from  repo.spring.io  and Maven Central.

This new generation of the framework brings the following fix bugs:

  • [SPR-15780] – Precondition failed for PUT methods on ResponseEntity return types
  • [SPR-16488] – Deadlock in SubProtocolWebSocketHandler on shutdown with Undertow
  • [SPR-16489] – EL1072E when evaluating compiled null-safe expression
  • [SPR-16521] – JSON with missing quote leads to hanging
  • [SPR-16524] – [Reactor Netty] Incorrect error level logging for client bad request
  • [SPR-16526] – StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when rewriting links in CSS resources
  • [SPR-16528] – Spurious ERROR-level logging when using SSEEmitter
  • More…


  • [SPR-12452] – Spring Websockets Broker relay supporting a cluster of STOMP endpoint addresses
  • [SPR-13919] – Add support for asserting JSON in ContentRequestMatchers, just as there is for XML
  • [SPR-14694] – Support BufferingClientHttpRequestFactory in MockRestServiceServer
  • [SPR-16050] – Customize PreparedStatementCreatorFactory in getPreparedStatementCreator
  • [SPR-16516] – SSE writer does not allow customizing the charset
  • [SPR-16519] – Headers adding ability in ACK/NACK frame
  • [SPR-16520] – Unable to register @RestControllerAdvice Class via WebTestClient
  • [SPR-16523] – Consistent use of Collection.toArray with zero-sized array argument
  • [SPR-16535] – Support for ResolvableType.getType().getTypeName() on Java 8
  • More…



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