Intel 5th-gen Xeon Scalable processor will be released on December 14

Previously unveiled was Intel’s upcoming Xeon product lineup, which included designs like “Sierra Forest” and “Granite Rapids,” employing varying combinations of P-core and E-core configurations. In addition to these, following the introduction of “Emerald Rapids” as the 5th generation Xeon Scalable expandable server processor, Intel further disclosed at the Intel Innovation Day that their next-generation E-core Xeon product, codenamed “Clearwater Forest,” is anticipated to launch in 2025, crafted using the Intel 18A process.

The next iteration of the Xeon Scalable expandable server processor is slated for release on December 14th of this year. The model codenamed “Emerald Rapids” and representing the 5th generation of Intel Xeon Scalable expandable server processors, is set to deliver enhanced computational prowess under the same power consumption.

Projected for a first-half 2024 launch is the “Sierra Forest” Xeon Scalable expandable server processor, incorporating a design of 288 E-core clusters. This model is primarily poised to amplify rack density by 2.5 times and bolster per-watt performance by 2.4 times when juxtaposed against its fourth-generation counterpart. Following “Sierra Forest,” the “Granite Rapids” model, featuring P-core performance cores, will debut, promising a 2-3 fold enhancement in artificial intelligence computational capabilities relative to the fourth-generation product.

Concurrently, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger anticipates that the trajectory of computational advancements will be inextricably linked with artificial intelligence. Intel remains resolute in advancing AI applications through its suite of products. Leveraging the OpenVINO software framework, they aim to establish a hybrid AI computational architecture, making AI ubiquitously present.