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Intel Granite Rapids L3 cache

Intel may equip Granite Rapids with 480MB L3 cache

Intel unveiled its fourth-generation Xeon Scalable processor, codenamed Sapphire Rapids, at the beginning of last year, with plans to launch the Emerald Rapids, the fifth-generation Xeon Scalable processor and a member of the Eagle...

5th-gen Xeon Scalable processor

Intel 5th-gen Xeon Scalable processor will be released on December 14

Previously unveiled was Intel’s upcoming Xeon product lineup, which included designs like “Sierra Forest” and “Granite Rapids,” employing varying combinations of P-core and E-core configurations. In addition to these, following the introduction of “Emerald...

Xeon processor roadmap

Intel releases 2023-2025 Xeon processor roadmap

Since 2017, AMD has steadily gained market share in the server processor sector with its EPYC processors. Concurrently, various Arm-based processors have emerged, and while Intel maintains its leading position, its market share has...