September 25, 2020

Google Chrome 69 browser will support the picture-in-picture function by default

1 min read

Google has announced plans to release a new Chrome 69 browser on September 4th. In addition to UI changes, the official version of Chrome 69 will also support the picture-in-picture feature by default.

Picture-in-picture is a kind of video content presentation. It refers to the simultaneous broadcast of another video on a small area of the picture while the video is being played in full screen. In the picture-in-picture mode, you can play it on the screen. Drag the video position, play and pause, or resize the video by stretching the edges, or click the ‘X’ button in the upper right corner to close the video.

This feature is currently online in the beta version of Chrome 69 for Windows 10, macOS and Linux, but requires manual activation by the user. The user first activates the experiment tag, enters the following three URLs in the browser, and then you can experience it by enabling the corresponding tag and then rebooting your browser.