Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Google Chrome for Android will disable JavaScript in 2G network speed in the future

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While continually enriching the Chrome browser, Google is also steadily improving the online experience on slow networks. In addition to automatically downloading the content of the page for later reading and providing better data protection, Google has recently deployed more extreme measures for the Chrome browser: completely disable JavaScript in a poorly connected environment.


Many of the page interactions are based on JavaScript. Although some websites still maintain essential functions after JavaScript is many disabled sites do not have much impact.

In the merge request on Chromium Gerrit, the Android-side Chrome browser will disable scripts in slow networks in the future. The related documents are shown below:

“If a Data Saver user is on a 2G-speed or slower network according to the NetInfo API, Chrome disables scripts and sends an intervention header on every resource request. Users are shown a UI at the bottom of the screen indicating the page has been modified to save data. Users can enable scripts on the page by tapping “Show original” in the UI.”

Via: androidpolice