Tue. Jun 2nd, 2020

Google will launch a network-class network security platform to help enterprises defend against attacks

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Google executives said in an interview that the company is about to launch a network security platform called CHRONICLE to help companies prevent hackers.

Google claims that this is a planetary-grade security product but is not competing with traditional network security companies. The CHRONICLE platform has been tested several times.


According to the planned CHRONICLE security platform, Google’s massive cloud computing service is used to analyse and store relevant data of enterprises to monitor potential network threats.

CHRONICLE’s strength lies in the more careful discovery of cyber threats using Google’s artificial intelligence technology, machine learning technology and cloud computing capabilities.

Google says that many large organisations are not able to better detect threats and deal with problems and that risks that are not discovered may cause harmful attacks in the future.

The CHRONICLE security team has now moved to the next door to the Google headquarters in Mountain View, which also indicates that the platform is getting closer.

However, the specific content of Google is still reluctant to disclose too much, such as how to analyse and monitor the potential privacy issues of the internal storage data of the enterprise.