GIGABYTE responds that the SoC voltage of its AM5 motherboard exceeds 1.3V

Due to a surge in chip voltage to unsafe levels, there have been recent incidents of Ryzen 7000X3D series processors abruptly burning out. Major motherboard manufacturers have issued new BIOS updates, offering provisional solutions in accordance with AMD’s recommendations, such as limiting the SoC voltage within 1.3V to ensure the utmost safety of both the processor and the motherboard.

Nevertheless, some players contend that the motherboard manufacturers have not adequately addressed the issue. For instance, upon enabling EXPO on Gigabyte’s AM5 motherboard, the SoC voltage allegedly escalates beyond 1.3V. Responding to the concerns raised by players, especially the issues that arose when the latest test version of BIOS enabled EXPO, Gigabyte officially stated:

Gigabyte reveres and appreciates the media’s longstanding support and affinity for Gigabyte motherboards. Regarding SoC voltage measurements, the genuine measuring point and method are absolutely critical, as the SoC voltage may vary accordingly. The internal SoC voltage of the CPU (SVI3 interface) is the motherboard’s most pivotal indicator. Under normal circumstances, due to various physical factors, the PWM output voltage is higher than the internal SoC voltage of the CPU (SVI3 interface). Users can utilize HWiNFO software to accurately monitor the internal SoC Voltage (SVI3 interface) of the CPU, displayed as “CPU VDDCR_SOC Voltage (SVI3 TFN)” in HWiNFO. This value, reported by the internal CPU sensors, reflects the true voltage. Gigabyte uses HWiNFO to monitor the SoC voltage on AM5 motherboards, displaying it as below 1.3V, which has been confirmed by AMD. When EXPO is enabled, Gigabyte’s AM5 motherboards entirely adhere to AMD’s latest SoC voltage guideline of 1.3V.

Gigabyte consistently collaborates closely with AMD, strictly abiding by AMD’s guidelines, and fully complies with AMD’s official specifications and requirements. We appreciate the attention and support from all media and customers. Our driving force has always been to offer our customers more innovative and groundbreaking products. As a leading motherboard manufacturer, we will continue to provide users with high-quality products for an optimal PC experience.

The official statement from Gigabyte has sparked fervent debate among players, with some disagreeing with the assertions made. Perhaps these disputes will persist until AMD releases an official firmware update that comprehensively addresses the issue.

Via: techpowerup