GameSir Launches G7 Wired Controller for XBOX & PC

GameSir recently released the G7 wired controller, which has passed the official Xbox certification. GameSir said that the response time of the G7 gamepad is shorter, which can bring players a smoother experience during the game.

G7 adopts a wired connection design, the interface is Type-C, and a three-meter data cable is included with it; ergonomic design with comfortable grip; the overall size is 152×103 x63mm, and the weight is 256g, which is lighter than the official Xbox controller; support Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Windows11/10.

 G7 wired controller adopts a replaceable front panel design, which supports black and white, which is convenient for users to customize the appearance of the handle. There are four built-in vibration motors in the handle, divided into two groups, located at the grip and trigger button. The trigger button adopts a Hall sensor design, which can bring better smoothness and precision. The return rate of the G7 is 265Hz and the official claims that the response time is less than 0.004 seconds.

In terms of buttons and interfaces, since the G7 has passed the official Xbox certification, its button layout is very similar to that of the Xbox handle, but there are some differences. G7 adds an M key at the bottom of the front, its function is similar to the Fn key on the keyboard, through the combined use of the M key and other keys, the volume of game music or voice calls can be increased or decreased. Similar to the Xbox elite handle, G7 also adds a set of back buttons, which can realize dynamic mapping without software settings. There is a 3.5mm audio interface at the bottom of the G7, and a microphone mute button is also designed next to it, which is convenient for users to mute with one key.

Through the GameSir Nexus software, users can map the buttons on the G7, adjust the diagonal of the arrow keys, adjust the area of ​​the joystick, and update the firmware. The software can be downloaded from the Microsoft store.

The G7 has been pre-ordered, priced at $35.99.