Microsoft layoffs nearly 1,000 jobs: Including the Xbox division

In the past few months, the global macroeconomic situation has been severe, inflation has been severe, and consumer market demand has declined, which has affected the entire PC industry. Earlier reports said Intel would announce layoffs around the earnings release, hoping to cut costs to deal with the deteriorating PC market, which involves thousands of employees, with sales and marketing being the most affected.

Microsoft buying Activision Blizzard

In July, Microsoft said it planned to cut a number of employees, involving less than 1% of its jobs, and slow hiring, given the risk of a recession. According to Business Insider, Microsoft has quietly made layoffs recently, affecting nearly a thousand employees this week, including members of the Xbox and Edge teams, and the MSMT division, which focuses on next-generation technology development, has also been affected.

According to Microsoft’s past statements, its layoffs may cover consulting, customer service, partner solutions, and other departments, and Microsoft will also make adjustments to business units. Microsoft currently has about 180,000 employees worldwide. If it is 1%, it means that about 1,800 employees will be affected, and Microsoft may lay off some positions in the future.

Microsoft said it had notified some employees that their positions had been removed due to a change in corporate strategy. The company will make adjustments based on business priorities, summarize existing work and then decide on the next steps.