ENDORFY Releases Regnum 400 Air/ARGB Chassis

ENDORFY, a European chassis, power supply, and cooling manufacturer, announced the launch of two chassis, Regnum 400 Air and Regnum 400 ARGB. The main difference between the two is the front panel. Regnum 400 Air focuses on high air flow and a simple appearance to achieve efficient heat dissipation. Regnum 400 ARGB allows users to choose a system with cool lighting effects while taking into account heat dissipation efficiency.

The Regnum 400 Air/ARGB chassis measures 472 x 220 x 442 mm and can support Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, and ATX motherboards. In order to have a better heat dissipation effect, ENDORFY has considered the air flow problem at the beginning of the design, so it uses a large-area mesh panel and a magnetic dust cover on the top. Users can install up to eight fans inside the case to maximize the cooling capacity of the case. System components and RGB lighting effects are well-displayed thanks to the large tempered glass side panels.

The Regnum 400 Air/ARGB chassis provides up to two 3.5-inch hard disk bays and two 2.5-inch hard disk bays; there are 7 PCI expansion slots; the height of the CPU radiator is limited to 162mm, the length of the graphics card is limited to 370mm, and the length of the power supply is limited to 296mm. On the front I/O configuration of the chassis, there are two USB 3.0 ports and a headphone audio jack.

In terms of the position of the cooling fan, the front can support 120/240/280/360 water cooling; the rear supports 120 water cooling; the top supports 120/240/280 water cooling. ENDORFY comes standard with four Stratus 120 PWM fans for the Regnum 400 Air case, three of which are front mounted and one rear-mounted. Regnum 400 ARGB chassis comes standard with an ARGB version and has a built-in controller, which is compatible with other ARGB products of ENDORFY and certain products of some manufacturers.

Regnum 400 Air/ARGB case will be available soon, Regnum 400 Air price is 85 Euros, and Regnum 400 ARGB price is 96 Euros.