Lian Li released the V3000 PLUS chassis

Lian Li announced the official launch of the V3000 PLUS, a dual-system workstation full-tower chassis, players will soon be able to see this product in the market.

Players who usually pay attention to Lianli chassis may be familiar with this model because it was unveiled at the Digital Expo last year. It was originally scheduled to be launched in mid-November last year, but due to various reasons, it has been delayed again and again. If you observe carefully, you will find that the officially launched version is somewhat different from the original appearance.
  • Full tower chassis with 3 modes: Standard/ Rotate/ Dual-System
  • Capability to support an EEB motherboard and an ITX motherboard
  • Supports up to 4×480 + 1×360 radiators and a maximum of 17 fans
  • Two reservoir plates accommodate large D5/ DDC pump
  • Stores up to 16 storage drives at drive cages and trays
  • Modular removable brackets offer flexibility for builds
  • Cable management friendly with 7 Velcro straps

The overall shape of the V3000 PLUS is square, with two vertical meshes on the front and brushed textured aluminum, replacing the replaceable all-aluminum or mesh panels in the earlier version. Its size is very large, it can accommodate two independent systems, supports dual power supplies, has a wealth of storage options, and provides a variety of cooling configuration combinations, such as the ability to install three 480mm cooling radiators.

The price of V3000 PLUS is not yet known, but it will definitely not be cheap.