Fractal Design Launches Ridge ITX Chassis

Fractal Design announced the launch of the new Ridge series chassis. According to Fractal Design, this is a product with a simple and compact design, which is specially developed for games and entertainment. It saves space while providing good compatibility. It is designed to seamlessly integrate into people’s living spaces and daily use.

The overall dimensions of the Ridge series chassis are 374 x 110 x 395 mm (vertical placement) or 360 x 375 x 115 mm (horizontal placement). The overall size is about 12.6L and the weight is 4.3kg. It supports Mini-ITX motherboards. Users can choose to place it vertically or horizontally. There are round holes on the front and sides to improve ventilation and heat dissipation. On the front I/O configuration of the chassis, there is a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C interface, two USB 3.0 interfaces, and an audio jack.

The Ridge series chassis provides up to four 2.5-inch hard disk bays; there are 3 PCI expansion slots; the height limit of the CPU radiator is 70mm; the graphics card length limit is 325mm (with SSD installed) or 335mm (without SSD installed), graphics card height limit 125mm (top fan installed) or 137mm (top fan not installed), graphics card thickness limit 57mm (two 140mm fans installed on the side) or 82mm (no fan installed on the side); supports SFX and SFX-L power supplies.

In terms of the position of the cooling fan, two 120/140mm fans can be installed on the side. If the length of the graphics card is ≤175mm, a 120mm water cooling can be installed. If a discrete graphics card is not installed, a 280mm water cooling can be installed. In addition, three 80mm fans can be installed on the top. Fractal Design provides a PCIe 4.0 riser card for the Ridge series of cases, as well as two 140mm fans.

The Ridge series chassis is divided into white and black versions.