Phanteks released the new Eclipse G500A chassis

Phanteks announced the launch of the new Eclipse G500A series chassis, M25 series fans, and all-white Neon D-RGB LED strips. Among them, the Eclipse G500A chassis adopts a high airflow design to release the performance of the next-generation CPU and GPU, and provides ample space, providing players with a variety of optional installation solutions for building systems.

The overall size of the Eclipse G500A series chassis is 500mm x 240mm x 515mm, which can support motherboards of Mini-ITX, Micro-ATX, ATX, and E-ATX (up to 280mm wide). Both the front and top panels feature an ultra-fine mesh design that strikes a good balance between high airflow and dust filtration. It provides up to 10 3.5-inch hard disk bays and up to 9 2.5-inch hard disk bays; There are 7 horizontal PCI expansion slots, and if you choose to install the graphics card vertically, there are 3 vertical PCI expansion slots; the height limit of the CPU radiator is 185mm, the length limit of the graphics card is 435mm, and the length limit of the power supply is 195 or 250mm. On the front I/O configuration of the chassis, there is a USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C interface, two USB 3.0 interfaces, and an audio jack.

In terms of the position of the cooling fan, three 120/140mm fans can be installed in the front, supporting 120/240/280/360/420 water cooling; a 120/140mm fan can be installed at the rear, supporting 120mm water cooling; three 120/140mm fans can be installed on the top, supporting 120/240/280/360 water cooling. Phanteks also integrates an easy-to-use control D-RGB module, which does not require software and provides preset lighting effects. It can not only be synchronized with the motherboard but also expand with more D-RGB products.

There are four types of Eclipse G500A series chassis, G500A D-RGB has built-in 2 D-RGB LED light strips on the front and side, and three M25-140 D-RGB fans are pre-installed in the front, providing models with white and black appearance; the G500A D-RGB fanless model only has 2 built-in D-RGB LED strips, only available in black; the G500A high-performance model comes pre-installed with four M25-140 black fans, and will have a white LED light bar on the front.

The M25 series fans are based on the T30 series fans, share some of the designs, and provide products with 120mm and 140mm specifications. The rotation speeds are 1800 RPM and 2000 RPM respectively, controlled by PWM, and a single fan or a three-fan set can be selected, and there are D-RGB and all-black and no-light versions available.

The all-white Neon D-RGB LED strips are available in three sizes, 2x40cm (Combo), 55cm (M5), and 100cm (M1).
Phanteks has provided the prices of these products, which will be listed in succession in the near future.