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Phanteks lawsuit

Phanteks responds to Lian Li patent infringement lawsuit

Yesterday, reports surfaced that Lian Li initiated litigation against Phanteks in a California court on September 8th, 2023, alleging infringement of patents related to their Daisy Chain technology for RGB fans. They contended that...

Lian Li lawsuit Phanteks

Lian Li inaugurated a lawsuit against Phanteks

Phanteks, this year, unveiled its novel D30 series of fans, deftly amalgamating the D-RGB illumination system with the aerodynamic fan blades, spanning a thickness of 30mm. These fans, presented in both noir and alabaster...

V3000 PLUS chassis

Lian Li released the V3000 PLUS chassis

Lian Li announced the official launch of the V3000 PLUS, a dual-system workstation full-tower chassis, players will soon be able to see this product in the market. Players who usually pay attention to Lianli...