Apple has completed satellite communication hardware testing for the iPhone 14 series

Apple will hold an event called “Far Out” on September 7, 2022, which will bring a new generation of iPhone 14 series and Apple Watch Series 8. There has been a lot of news about these products in the past few months.

Before the launch of the iPhone 13 series last year, there were reports that the new models would support low-Earth orbit satellite (LEO) communications, and there are rumors that at least two methods of use are being studied. One is to send a short emergency text message. Another is to send SOS distress signals in remote areas to deal with sudden disasters.Recently, the well-known analysis @mingchikuo said that the satellite communication function is one of Apple’s test items before mass production of the iPhone 14 series, and the hardware test of this function has been completed, which is mainly used to provide emergency text messages or voice services. It is understood that whether Apple provides satellite communication services also depends on whether a business model can be negotiated with telecom operators, which is the main reason why the previous iPhone 13 series did not have this feature.

There is no exact timetable for when Apple will include satellite communications on the iPhone, but with increasingly frequent natural disasters and geopolitical conflicts, it’s likely just a matter of time. Some time ago, MediaTek completed the world’s first 5G NTN (non-terrestrial network) satellite mobile phone laboratory connection test, allowing smartphones to achieve Internet access through satellite signals, opening a new door.

The satellite communications operator most likely to partner with Apple is Globalstar, which bought 17 new satellites in February, saying it provides “continuous satellite service” to “potential customers.”