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Apache Lucene 7.3.0 release, Java search engine


Apache Lucene 7.3.0 has been released, Lucene is an open-source full-text search engine toolkit for the Apache Software Foundation, is a full-text search engine architecture that provides a complete query engine and index engine, part of the text analysis engine. Lucene’s goal is to provide an easy-to-use toolkit for software developers to facilitate full-text retrieval in the target system, or to build a complete full-text search engine based on it.

This is a repaired version that primarily addresses the following bugs:

  • API Changes   (4)
    1. LUCENE-8051: LevensteinDistance renamed to LevenshteinDistance.
      (Pulak Ghosh via Adrien Grand)
    2. LUCENE-8099: Deprecate CustomScoreQuery, BoostedQuery and BoostingQuery. Users should instead use FunctionScoreQuery, possibly combined with a lucene expression
      (Alan Woodward)
    3. LUCENE-8104: Remove facets module compile-time dependency on queries
      (Alan Woodward)
    4. LUCENE-8145: UnifiedHighlighter now uses a unitary OffsetsEnum rather than a list of enums
      (Alan Woodward, David Smiley, Jim Ferenczi, Timothy Rodriguez)
  • New Features   (2)
    1. LUCENE-2899: Add new module analysis/opennlp, with analysis components to perform tokenization, part-of-speech tagging, lemmatization and phrase chunking by invoking the corresponding OpenNLP tools. Named entity recognition is also provided as a Solr update request processor.
      (Lance Norskog, Grant Ingersoll, Joern Kottmann, Em, Kai Gülzau, Rene Nederhand, Robert Muir, Steven Bower, Steve Rowe)
    2. LUCENE-8126: Add new spatial prefix tree (SPT) based on google S2 geometry. It can only be used currently with Geo3D spatial context and it provides improvements on indexing time for non-points shapes and on query performance.
      (Ignacio Vera, David Smiley).
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