Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

Apache Solr 8.3 releases, Java Server full-text search

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Apache Solr is highly reliable, scalable and fault-tolerant, providing distributed indexing, replication, and load-balanced querying, automated failover and recovery, centralized configuration and more. Solr powers the search and navigation features of many of the world’s largest internet sites.

Apache Solr

Changelog v8.3

    *Two dimensional routed aliases are now available for organizing collections based on the data values of two fields
    *SPLITSHARD implements a new splitByPrefix option that takes into account the actual document distribution when using compositeIds
    *QueryElevationComponent can have query rules configured with match=”subset” wherein the words need only match a subset of the query’s words and in any order
    *Command line option to export documents to a file
    *Support deterministic replica routing preferences for better cache usage
    *Ability to query aliases in Solr Admin UI
    *JWTAuthPlugin supports multiple JWKS endpoints and multiple IdP issuers
    *JSON faceting now supports arbitrary ranges for range facets
    *Support integral plots, cosine distance and string truncation with math expressions (Joel Bernstein)
    *New cat() stream source to create tuples from lines in local files
    *Add upper, lower, trim and split Stream Evaluators
    *Add CsvStream, TsvStream Streaming Expressions and supporting Stream Evaluators
    *Add CaffeineCache, an efficient implementation of SolrCache
    *Live SPLITSHARD can lose updates due to cluster state change between checking if the current shard is active and later checking if there are any sub-shard leaders to forward the update to
    *Fix for SPLITSHARD (async) with failures in underlying sub-operations can result in data loss
    *Allow dynamic resizing of SolrCache-s
    *Allow optional redaction of data saved by ‘bin/solr autoscaling -save’
    *Optimized large managed schema modifications (internal O(n^2) problem)
    *Max idle time support for SolrCache implementations
    *Add Prometheus Exporter GC and Heap options
    *SSL: Adding Enabling/Disabling client’s hostname verification config
    *Introducing in SolrJ
    *Fix for CDCR bootstrap not replicating index to the replicas of target cluster
    *Fixed a race condition when initializing metrics for new security plugins on security.json change
    *Fixed JWTAuthPlugin to update metrics prior to continuing w/other filters or returning error
    *Fixed distributed grouping when multiple ‘fl’ params are specified
    *JMX MBeans are not exposed because of race condition between creating platform mbean server and registering mbeans
    *Fix for class-cast issues during atomic-update ‘removeregex’ operations
    *Fix for multi-node race condition to create/remove nodeLost markers
    *Fix for too many cascading calls to remote servers, which can bring down nodes
    *Fix for MOVEREPLICA ignoring replica type and always adding ‘nrt’ replicas
    *Fix: DistributedZkUpdateProcessor should propagate URP.finish() lifecycle (regression since 8.1)