Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Apache Ignite 2.8 releases, memory data organization platform

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Apache Ignite is a memory computing platform that is durable, consistent, and highly available, with powerful SQL, key-values, and processing APIs.


  • Memory-Centric Storage
    Apache Ignite is based on distributed memory-centric architecture that combines the performance and scale of in-memory computing together with the disk durability and strong consistency in one system.The main difference between the memory-centric approach and the traditional disk-centric approach is that the memory is treated as a fully functional storage, not just as a caching layer, like most databases do. For example, Apache Ignite can function in a pure in-memory mode, in which case it can be treated as an In-Memory Database (IMDB) and In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) in one.On the other hand, when persistence is turned on, Ignite begins to function as a memory-centric system where most of the processing happens in memory, but the data and indexes get persisted to disk. The main difference here from the traditional disk-centric RDBMS or NoSQL system is that Ignite is strongly consistent, horizontally scalable, and supports both SQL and key-value processing APIs.
  • Distributed SQL

    Ignite provides full support for SQL, DDL and DML, allowing users to interact with Ignite using pure SQL without writing any code. This means that users can create tables and indexes as well as insert, update, and query data using only SQL. Having such complete SQL support makes Ignite a one-of-a-kind distributed SQL database.

  • Distributed Key-Value
    The in-memory data grid component in Ignite is a fully transactional distributed key-value store that can scale horizontally across 100s of servers in the cluster. When persistence is enabled, Ignite can also store more data than fits in memory and survive full cluster restarts.

Apache Ignite

Apache Ignite 2.8.1 released.



  • Fied vulnerability of using H2 admin rights for user SQL connections

Ignite Core:

  • Added cluster achieving fully rebalanced (PME-free ready) state metric
  • Added compute job system view
  • Added support long keys in DistributedMetaStorage
  • Added transaction operations metrics
  • Fixed ClassCastException in Thin Client
  • Fixed IllegalArgumentException on activation of LogExporterSpi
  • Fixed JDBC thin client SELECT hanging under 2.8.0
  • Fixed Java thin client: Wrong typeId generation for system types
  • Fixed MERGE INTO query failing on Ignite client node
  • Fixed MetricRegistryMBean and OpenCensusExporterSpi memory leak
  • Fixed MetricRegistryMBean nit showing histogram values when histogram name contains underscore
  • Fixed MetricRegistryMBean thread safety
  • Fixed NullPointerException while initializing Cassandra Store
  • Fixed NullPointerException thrown by ExchangeLatchManager during cache creation
  • Fixed SQL: H2Connection leaking on INSERT
  • Fixed SQL: KILL QUERY command hanging on query when query cursor is held by user or leak
  • Fixed SQL: Potential race on MapResult close
  • Fixed SQL: Query reduce can failing with NPE on retry
  • Fixed SQL: Local queries cursors must be closed or full read to unlock the GridH2Table
  • Fixed TcpCommunicationSpi metrics implementation
  • Fixed Thin client thread not stopping
  • Fixed affinity cache for version of last server event being wiped from history
  • Fixed all binary types being registered twice
  • Fixed empty cluster failing if wal segment size small
  • Fixed cache stopping on supplier during rebalance causing NPE and supplying failure
  • Fixed not being able to set serialized enum to a BinaryObject’s field
  • Fixed cluster failing to find the node by consistent ID
  • Fixed cluster restart leading to cluster activation error
  • Fixed continuously generating thread dumps in failure processor slowing down the whole system
  • Fixed destroy of big cache which is not only cache in cache group causing IgniteOOME
  • Fixed dynamic SQL index recreation after cache clear resulting in AssertionError or JVM crash
  • Fixed contention on ConcurrentHashMap.size()
  • Fixed consistency issues for atomic and mixed tx-atomic cache groups
  • Fixed getting SecurityContext from GridSecurityProcessor
  • Fixed h2Tree going into illegal state when non-indexed columns are dropped
  • Fixed historical (WAL) rebalance starting on cleared partition if some baseline node leaves the cluster and then rejoins
  • Fixed igniteQueue.removeAll throwing NPE
  • Fixed ignitevisorcmd not connecting to cluster
  • Fixed inconsistency between cache data and indexes when cache operation is interrupted
  • Fixed incorrect rewriting of wal record type in marshalled mode during iteration
  • Fixed intermittent [Failed to notify direct custom event listener] exception on node shutdown
  • Fixed dynamically setting used cache for Spring Data
  • Fixed logging exceptions inside IgniteSecurityProcessor#withContext(java.util.UUID)
  • Fixed long exchange on deactivation process
  • Fixed memory leak on unstable topology caused by partition reservation
  • Fixed metric exporter implementation issue leading to NullPointerException from gauge which invokes communication
  • Fixed node failing after get operation when entries from the cache expired concurrently
  • Fixed node failing after putting incorrect key class for indexed type to transactional cache
  • Fixed node leaving causing NullPointerException during IO message processing if security is enabled
  • Fixed node stopping on type mismatch error between index type and type of value from searched row
  • Fixed non-comparable keys for eviction policy causing failure handle and node shutdown
  • Fixed pages leak suspicion in PDS
  • Fixed partition desync if a partition is evicted then owned again and historically rebalanced
  • Fixed possible extra page release when throttling and checkpoint thread store it concurrently
  • Fixed possible tx desync during recovery on near node left
  • Fixed partitions owned by other nodes switching their state to MOVING due to counter difference on node join
  • Fixed Spring Data query annotations not working if statement keywords are in lower case
  • Fixed remote thin client operations not being authorized correctly
  • Fixed scan query shutting down the node in some cases
  • Fixed scan query/iterator on a replicated cache getting wrong results
  • Fixed searching checkpoint record in WAL not working with segment compaction
  • Fixed some of rentingFutures in GridDhtPartitionTopologyImpl accumulating a huge number of eviction callbacks
  • Fixed cache#putAllAsync method not collecting statistics
  • Fixed thin JDBC streaming failing with BatchUpdateException if function is used
  • Fixed page difference output throttling in PageMemoryTracker
  • Fixed transaction hanging after too many open files NIO exception
  • Fixed update of partition states becoming stuck when rebalance completed during exchange
  • Fixed zookeeper discovery not working due to missed dependency

Ignite .Net:

  • Fixed services failing to call method with DateTime or Guid argument
  • Fixed NullReferenceException when serializing fields of the same type in different order