September 27, 2020

Android Q maybe block clipboard application

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Every year, Google will make major changes to the Android mobile operating system, in addition to fighting hackers and dealing with unscrupulous application developers. Over the years, even though the functionality of the software has been simple, some developers have become accustomed to reaching out to ask for as much permission as possible from the system. The good news is that in order to prevent rogue software from stealing private data, Google decided to limit Android Q’s clipboard access.

Android Q Beta

Although this may hurt some honest clipboard manager applications, it is quite effective for rectifying the unhealthy Android platform. Previously, Google also tightened the access rights of third-party apps to mobile phone text/call records, and the effect is obvious to all.

Data can only be read from the clipboard if the current default system input method is applied. As for other processes running in the background, this is not possible. It is reported that this change is designed to prevent the App from collecting passwords or other sensitive data without notifying the user.

Via: SlashGear