September 27, 2020

Magisk implements ROOT for Android Q Beta 1: Supporting 1st gen and 2nd gen Pixels on Q

1 min read

Last week, Google released the first beta version of the Android Q system (Beta 1), and a total of three generations of Pixel phones is available to upgrade to the latest Android Q. Presumably, the first batch of “try to eat” is mostly developers, Android geeks. Magisk author, John Wu announced the ROOT for Android Q Beta 1, users can brush into the “Canary Channel” Magisk, but the only regret is that Pixel 3/3 XL does not support, only the first two generations.

In fact, long before Android Q Beta 1 was released, John Wu got the ROOT based on the GSI image for the Project Treble device, which is equivalent to complete work. John Wu mentioned that the main difficulty encountered this time was that Google locked the logical partition.

The data shows that Magisk is a system framework similar to Xposed. It not only has rich functional modules but also integrates ROOT. The principle is to create a hook in a boot and mount /data/magisk.img to /magisk to build an ability to customize replacement, addition, and deletion of file systems on a system basis.