Israeli Prime Minister candidate is attacked by Iranian cyber espionage

Cosmos Bank hacked

The Israeli Shin Bet internal security service said Iranian cyber espionage hacked the cellphone of Prime Minister candidate Benny Gantz and exposed his personal data. Iranian hackers interfered with the campaign of former Israeli military minister Benny Gantz, the main contender for Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s next election.

According to Israeli intelligence, cyber espionage penetrated Gantz’s mobile device and handed his personal information and address to his opponent. A Gantz spokesperson said hackers leaked stolen data a few weeks before Israel’s April 9 election to destroy Gantz’s political campaign.

Cosmos Bank hacked

We don’t comment on issues that are at the heart of state security. It is important to emphasize that this incident happened four years after Gantz finished his tenure as chief of staff, [a fact] that raises many questions regarding the timing of the report’s publication.” reads an official statement released by Gantz’s Kahol Lavan party.

In early March, Microsoft security experts warned that hacker groups related to Iran are trying to penetrate systems, businesses, and governments around the world. Will cause a series of economic losses. According to Microsoft, in the past two years, Iranian hackers have stolen the secret data of 200 companies and deleted information from their computer networks, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

Via: securityaffairs