Find Lost Devices with Google’s New Upgrade

Last year, in collaboration with Apple, guidelines were drafted to combat the misuse of Bluetooth tracking devices for unidentified tracking activities. Subsequently, at Google I/O 2023, a redesigned device-finding feature was announced. Recently, Google began notifying Android device users about the upcoming launch of the new Find My Device feature.

The updated Find My Device function is poised for release, enabling the identification of whether suspicious or personal devices have been misplaced. This feature is compatible with location technology and integrates with personal Google accounts, allowing users to pinpoint the current location of their devices.

Google Pixel 8 Pro

Initially, Google planned to introduce this feature last year for devices running Android 6.0 and above, providing warnings about unidentifiable tracking devices. However, the launch was postponed due to Apple not offering a similar functionality at that time.

The imminent rollout of the revamped Find My Device function signifies the ability to locate devices that have been accidentally lost or stolen, pinpointing their exact location. This is possible even when the devices are not connected to the internet, thanks to low-power Bluetooth beacon technology for an approximate location.

Currently, devices compatible with this location technology and linked to a personal Google account can be located using the new Find My Device feature. Additionally, for devices supporting Google’s Fast Pair and becoming disconnected from an Android device, the system will automatically send notifications to remind users to check if their device has been left behind.